I'm Ivana, and I enjoy helping you learn English!


Q: What are you currently up to?

Experimenting with new spices and ingredients!

Oh no! I have to clean my kitchen...

But the aromas coming from my kitchen... out of this world!


What is your favourite...?
  • Favourite Author: James Patterson
  • Favourite TV channels: 24 Kitchen
  • Favourite band: Simply Red
  • Favourite place: Mali Lošinj
  • Favourite Croatian Author: Sanja Pilić
  • Favourite book character: Paulina P.





I'm Dino, and my passion is helping people fulfil their dreams!


Q: What are you currently up to?
  • Part-time Business Coach & English Teacher
  • Part-time Business Development Manager
  • Part-time Trip Leader
  • Hobbies: Writing, Photography, Graphic Design 

Come to think of it, what aren't I up to?!?!!


What is your favourite...?
  • Favourite city: Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Favourite island: Mali Losinj, Croatia
  • Favourite archeological sites: Knossos (Crete), Spinalonga (Crete), Acropolis (Athens), Greece
  • Favourite Restaurant: Nanina Kuhinja, Sarajevo, Bosnia
  • Favourite Author: Robert Jordan