Marketing automation

More intelligent automation, results in a great experience and greater WebShop results.

Show your customers how much you care

React to the behaviour of your visitors at the right time, send them reminders about the things that matter to them, and use the information of their interests to create automation rules that fit their profile.

Celebrate your visitors' birthdays, their children's, and other important dates on their calendar.

Save time

Unlimited use: Configure as many automation rules and as many business processes you need, create dynamic and personalized elements one by one, optimize your sales processes and lead acquisition until conversion, saving time and avoiding manual tasks. The key is to focus on strategy.

Sell more

Companies using Marketing Automation achieve:

     300% increase in the number of contacts for sales
     Drop in the number of potential customers ignored: from 80% to 25%
     10% increase in revenue due to automation of single contact management.

Customize the content

With SALESmanago you can turn the website into a communication channel between the company and the visitors to the website, which can automatically respond to their needs.

You can dynamically customize the content you display on the web, from the banner to the Pop Up, also differentiating between anonymous or monitored users. Your client is unique and the information you show him is too, adjusting to the right moment and the channel he chooses. This will make you much more effective in each of your campaigns.

Advanced email marketing

Companies that use Marketing Automation to manage their email marketing report higher OR (open rates), CTR (click-through rates) and conversion. However, what brings the most value to the Marketing departments that use SALESManago is to be able to combine email marketing with data from the analysis of the behavior of their leads (scoring, tag scoring, frequency of activity ...) allowing campaigns of email marketing with better results. In addition, more leads will be generated for the sales department.